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Massive Wheaton Bass



The clock read 2:30 PM in my car and the radio was telling me the temperature was at 84 degrees Fahrenheit. I was still sitting in the parking lot of COD deciding whether I should head home and get some much needed sleep. But after pulling in a nice bass with my newly acquired DuPage Topper, I thought “Oh, what the heck, I’m going fishing!”

I head over to a pond in Wheaton, which lately, many DuPage Anglers are raving about. I’m walking down to the pond and the sun is beating down on me. Boy was it hot! All along the shoreline there was scum lined up hiding the monster bass.

I sent my first cast right at the edge of the muck. A couple twitches later and it was FISH ON! The bass took my line deep into the weeds and scum that line the shoreline. By the time I got it to shore, there was no fish to be seen under all that slime! I measured the bass and it came in at 16.5in. My 8lb fluorocarbon line was not holding up too well against the scum. Trying to avoid the disaster of losing a monster bass, I head back to the car and grab my the pole that I used to fish hybrid stripers with my dad.

Thank goodness I did! I sent the lure out again around the same area as my first cast. I twitched the lure all the way into the muck. The topper was stuck on the edge and it was rattling away. BOOM! The bass exploded right out of the water. My first day with a topwater lure was really paying off! I pulled this hog up to shore through all the grime with a G. Loomis 6’6” MH and Shimano Stella with ease. Good thing I switched lines, otherwise I wouldn’t have had a chance. I measured this monster and it came in at a whopping 19in. I believe this to be my biggest bass this summer. Thanks DuPage Angler for this opportunity to know what topwater fishing is all about!


Conditions: Sunny/Warm

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: DuPage County / Park District

Status: Released


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