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Well, the outing was a lot of fun, but unfortunately no hawgs were slayed. We had a great time though and met up for lunch afterwards.

On the way home Wacky and Toad decided this was far too nice of a day to go home. So we ventured forth looking for some out of the way spots we hadn’t found yet, and some to revisit knowing there “was gold in them thar hills.” Boy was there.


Our first stop was a hidden place behind a very large commercial structure in which we were sure we’d be thrown out in fifteen minutes. When we walked to the water Toadfish uttered, “this place is a cesspool.” About 10 seconds later Wacky spotted two bass darting from the shore of moderate size. Needless to say, we pulled out the gear.

We found a nice little waterfall on the far end and started to slay them. The bass were hitting on the drop right next to the wall. They must have been just been sitting there with their mouths open letting the baitfish fall in. We picked up a nice 5-7 bass at this location. We will be back. (on the weekend)

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I forgot to add this link.
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I have been fishing with DuPage Angler Toadfish for almost 40 years and I must say 2011 started to to look like a major slump. That is until he discovered ZAP, Case Plastics and Scumfrogs! The slump was over and he never looked back. DA Gold members can learn where Toadfish scored major bass action in DuPage County.