DuPage Angler

Ike-Con's His Way To His

 First Largemouth Bass

DuPage Angler Lucky Lefty With His First Bass of Many

DuPage Angler Alan at Harrier Lake in Bartlett for a little bit of schooling on how to use a frog to catch big bass.  We moved around from spot to spot and finally ended up in a little cove where we saw nice bass jumping jumping.  I tied on a creme colored weedless worm from Ike-Con and threw it into the weeds. Fluke said something and I turned my head quickly. I didn't see my worm anymore so I gave it a tug and I thought it was stuck in the weed and that when I felt it pull me back. It caught me completely off guard. Next thing we know I landed my fist bass. Since then I have caught 5 more 3 at a hidden hole and 2 in the same spot at Harrier Lake.