DuPage County Retention Pond

Hit the same pond again last night, same swim jig, same colors, and it got absolutely hammered. There were some kids that I got to take a picture of my first bass of the night. It was a 3 and half pounder. After 2 casts in the same spot I just caught the previous bass I felt like my line just got stuck in a log only to see it start to run to the left. After a few minutes I got this hog in. It's definitely the biggest bass I've caught in my life to date and it's the latest I've ever caught a bass in the season. It measured to just a little over 20" and weighed in at 5 and half pounds. All done in about a half hours work.

DuPage Angler NickSantos33 With A Nice DuPage Hawg!

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Brutus replied the topic: #110 07 Jan 2012 11:31
This new discussion feature is insane. Nice Bass Nick!