Date Of My Catch: 07-22-2014

Last week we saw the polar vortex in July.

This week we are back to the mid summer heat and that means big fishes are hiding in the grass.

Tossed a spinnerbait around afterwork and hooked a few ittle guys and the wind was blowing my spinnerbait around like a paper airplane so I decided to switch to a swim jig in bluegill color with a similar trailer. casted it right into a pocket in the weeds and wham! 

she also tucked her self in the weed, but I was able to wrestle her out. don't have a tape or scale, but she was definitely 4-5# and around 20". Grab a few shots and then send her home.

JC1Crappie's Avatar
JC1Crappie replied the topic: #11140 30 Jul 2014 09:43
good thing we had those 2 HOT summer days.
jmdog's Avatar
jmdog replied the topic: #11130 27 Jul 2014 12:46
Woohoo nice tank!
Darkstar72's Avatar
Darkstar72 replied the topic: #11125 25 Jul 2014 16:43
JC catchin' them again!! Great bass!!!
Marty Rogers's Avatar
Marty Rogers replied the topic: #11123 25 Jul 2014 09:56
That is one awesome summer bass! Way to go!