Date Of My Catch: 07-03-2014

After being skunked from our morning kayak trip, I decided to make a few casts in my father-in-law's pond where I caught a few on topwater earlier this week. I t-rigged a black-blue Rodent with a light wire hook and a 1/8 oz tungsten bullet weight. After feeling the bottom and weeds on a few casts, I told my self a couple more and I'm getting out of the heat and try again this evening.

On my next dragging through the weeds, I popped it free and saw my line went limp and swam off to the side. I quickly reeled down, set the hook, and I was sweating adrenaline because the fight was on! Got her within my reach a few times before she'll run again.Took 3 good runs before I can finally grab her. Snapped a few pics before I let the big girl go. I had to take a few more casts to slow down my gushing adrenaline and get out of the heat.