Date Of My Catch:05-27-2014

Took a trip to San Diego and got out on Murray Reservoir.  First time at the lake, picked a spot and was hopeful to get on some fish.  The water was gin clear and fairly deep.  I had to cast out pretty far and in some spots the depth was around 20ft.  30 minutes into fishing I landed this 2.5-3lb largemouth bass.  I would cast out, let the black spinnerbait sink all the way to the bottom, and then yo-yo it back.  I had to make due with the black spinnerbait, would have rather thrown white/chart spinner or a swim bait (there are trout on this lake), but I didn't pack any of those.  Thanks to the info I learned from DA and it's members, I was confident I would catch a bass or two in this lake.

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steakified replied the topic: #10938 13 Jun 2014 08:52
Thanks guys! In the past two years I've managed to fish (and catch) in 5 states (CA, FL, OK, IL, WI). It's kind of cool when you plot them all out on a map.
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Darkstar72 replied the topic: #10930 12 Jun 2014 12:31
Way to go Steakified!!!

I have looked back on traveling I've done and wished I had been fishing then. Jazz camp in Door County, WI would have been a particularly good place to wet a line.

I'm glad you got out fishing on your travels to CA!!
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JC1Crappie replied the topic: #10929 12 Jun 2014 11:31
DA leaving a mark in sunny SD! Nice work Steakified!