Date Of My Catch:06-02-2014

I had a completely miserable day.  Was working downtown and stopped off at North and 1st Ave to check out the Des Plaines River. Got all suited up and headed out, it was hot.

 I walked up the trail for a few looking for access to the river that wasn't a steep bank.  It was muddy and slimy everywhere, but I got down to the bank.  First cast I threw my new crankbait into an overhanging branch.  No problem I have waders on!  I gingerly stepped out into the river and it was only a few feet deep there, but quite cloudy.  Took one more step and woops.  5 feet deep. heh.  Luckily it missed the top of my waders by about an inch although it soaked my fishing vest and everything in it.  Tried other spots to get out to my lure, no luck.  Broke off and moved on.

There is a floodplain in that area that still had plenty of stagnant standing water and a massive amount debris left over from the high water levels.  I had liberally doused myself with deet before leaving, but I might as well have been coated in pure CO2.  Drenched in sweat from waders and heat and breathing from climbing logs and such, every step I took would release about 500 mosquitoes, it was so bad I would have 10 on just the back of my hand all at once.  I kept moving on hoping the landscape would change but, alas, it did not.  I couldn't cast because they were getting in my eyes and face before I could reel up.

 I gave up and hightailed it out of there, in defeat.

 On my way home I decided not to be skunked today so I stopped by Fermilab to check out lake law.  Found the lake, suited up and waded out past the cat tails.  It was a beautiful evening, all alone on the lake, nice wind, sunset.  What a contrast from that previous hellhole hah!

Took about 5 minutes before I had the first fish, about 2.2lbs bass.  10 mins later caught a 3.3, now I was happy.  I felt that more than made up for the earlier miserable failure!

Not sure what else is in those lakes there, I've read reports of nice crappie but they were from years ago.  It was so pleasant and quiet and uninhabited I think I'll be trying it more often.  And no trash!  I found one bobber and one piece of trash.  That's 13 bobbers I've found in the last 2 weeks, weird.