Date Of My Catch:05-08-2014

I woke up early anticipating a warmer than usual temperature. I decided to hit a lake that I'd tried on the way home yesterday, but had left shortly after arriving due to some frightening lightning strikes that seemed to be headed my way.

I had a BPS Egg tied on, and within 2 casts had a nice 16" LMB.

I roved along the shore and picked up 2 more small bass and a 13" crappie. That was good enough in my book, but I felt like trying another lure, since I've been carrying about 30 with me, including many that are still show room new.

I selected a bait that I bought online last fall just to reach the order level where shipping was free. It was an H2O Express hard swimbait in bass pattern. It looked really cool moving through the water, but I wasn't getting any hits. I was casting out to deep water because I was afraid to cast along the shore and risk a snag and losing a cool lure. But on a diagonal cast, I somehow managed to get way closer to shore than I'd wanted. So I reeled in fast to try to avoid sunken hazzards.

I felt a hit, that didn't feel like much, but I paused momentarily and noticed the line moving. I slammed it home hard, and a minute later landed this nice 19", FAT LMB.


This DuPage Angler Catch Of The Day Is Sposored By:

 Plainfield Auto

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redhook62's Avatar
redhook62 replied the topic: #10714 09 May 2014 17:33
Thanks all. Marty, yes, in dupage. Naperville in fact.
Fluke's Avatar
Fluke replied the topic: #10713 09 May 2014 14:30
Red is putting us to shame this spring! Nice goin!
SoonerBass's Avatar
SoonerBass replied the topic: #10712 09 May 2014 11:25
Awesome, gotta love the H2O Xpress product line!
JC1Crappie's Avatar
JC1Crappie replied the topic: #10711 09 May 2014 10:13
You are on fire!!!
steakified's Avatar
steakified replied the topic: #10710 09 May 2014 09:41
Nice job redhook!
Marty Rogers's Avatar
Marty Rogers replied the topic: #10709 09 May 2014 08:21
Very nice Redhook! Nice story as well. Was this beast caught in DuPage?