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I was walking along the eastern shoreline of Herrick lake and I just happened to see her and a male 5 yards from shore. I sprinted 200 yards while yelling at my fried to come here because there was a giant bass. He didn't really understand, and so he took 5 minutes to get to her. He yelled, "wow! That thing is huge!"

DuPage Angler Fishing247 With Herrick Lake Hog

DuPage Angler Fishing247 With Caught and Released Herrick Lake Hog

We both starting pitching different lures in attempt to catch the female. This started at around 5:30. I was repeatedly pitching a white finesse jig with a 4 inch shad drop shot bait called a Molix sator warm. after around 30 minutes with no reaction to my offerings, I put it right by her mouth, and she sucked it in. I immediately set the hook, and I set it hard! I reeled her in quickly and my friend grabbed her at the shore. After measuring, weighing, and pictures, we put her back in the lake to get even bigger! 20 inches and 5 pounds. 20 minutes later I caught the male. He was 14 inches and 1.5 pounds. Not a bad day! Th equipment I used was a 7'2" MH Wright & McGill bait casting jig and worm rod paired with a Wright & Mcgill bait casting reel with a 6.2:1 gear ratio and left hand retrieve. The line I used was 14 lb. test XPS fluorocarbon. There was a good amount of wind that day, but it calmed done during the time I was fishing for it. The date was April 29th, 2013 and it was in the 70's.

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fishing247 replied the topic: #11209 26 Aug 2014 19:33
I was at herrick as the ice was melting this year. Hundreds of fish were frozen into the ice across the lake. I took pictures of giant 35+ inch carp. Several hundred of them were dead. I saw a dead bass on shore with its stomach eaten by some animal or flies. She measured 22 inches. That is where i know the biggest bass in the lake live. I would say at least 5,000 fish died. It was awful!!! Dead fish scattered pretty much the entire shoreline after the ice just melted.
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mike_son replied the topic: #11187 21 Aug 2014 11:36
Brim - I've heard the phrase 'total fish kill' there after I went fishing there in the spring. The lake was in terrible shape with dying bullhead everywhere. Caught a few small bass and saw a guy pulling in a lot of small crappie. Was told by a forest preserve employee later that they stocked it with about 1000 small bass early this summer. Haven't bothered to fish there since my initial outing this year. It's too bad because I used to catch ~20 bass in a few hours there, all were 10"-15" though.

I swear I've caught the OP's fish after it spawned the same year. His was caught 4/29/13, mine was caught 6/9/13. Also caught on the east side of the lake but further south of the seawall with the bench. Didn't measure it but I would say it's about 20".

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BrimReaper911 replied the topic: #11186 21 Aug 2014 10:31
Herrick used to have tons of smaller bass, a few big ones, and lots of bluegill. It was reported that there was a devastating kill at Herrick this past winter. Haven't fished there since. Anyone have any updates?
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kissmybass88 replied the topic: #11185 21 Aug 2014 05:53
Nice fish
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Barn Owl replied the topic: #8556 09 May 2013 12:48
Awesome fish. Very nice.
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JTC24 replied the topic: #8410 03 May 2013 19:50
WOW!!!!!! Biggest one I've seen this year!
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Fluke replied the topic: #8372 02 May 2013 21:14
Just a guess, but I think Herrick will have little accessible shoreline this weekend :woohoo:
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SoonerBass replied the topic: #8371 02 May 2013 21:05
Great bass 247
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urbancast replied the topic: #8365 02 May 2013 20:52
WOW..,nice bass!! never knew that lake had anything larger than a pound
BrimReaper911's Avatar
BrimReaper911 replied the topic: #8359 02 May 2013 17:19
Great Bass!!!
Herrick's loaded with bass, but most seem to be of the foot-long variety. I've hooked lots of those at Herrick, but am still looking for a lunker like yours there!
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Darkstar72 replied the topic: #8358 02 May 2013 15:54
Way to go 24x7!!!

You have a knack for catching at Herrick!

Great job and a hearty congratulations!
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JC1Crappie replied the topic: #8356 02 May 2013 15:33
That's a big girl!! nice!
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pondboy replied the topic: #8355 02 May 2013 15:20
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fishing247 replied the topic: #8354 02 May 2013 15:05
I was very surprised that the male wasn't at all interested.
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Fluke replied the topic: #8342 02 May 2013 08:38
Sounds like the bass are already in the spawning stage there. Jigs are one of the best baits to use around that time. Its interesting though that you provoked the female to bite first, normally that doesn't happen. If a football style jig doesn't produce I normally switch to a swim jig or a creature bait like a lizard....something that pisses them off.
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redhook62 replied the topic: #8341 02 May 2013 08:38
Dang, I was in that spot about 10 minutes before you got there! Sorry I missed seeing that one in person.(even sorrier that I didn't catch it!)

Congrats on the Catch of Day!
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Marty Rogers replied the topic: #8336 02 May 2013 06:34
Nice! I am leaving for Herrick in about 15 minutes! I still say that the biggest bass in the area are hidden in that glacier lake. Maybe even the Loch Ness of DuPage!