Early morning on the Big Pond (Lake Michigan).  We started out at 6am out of Waukegan harbor.  So early in the season, the launch docks are not even in the water yet and the bait shop on 120 was still closed.  We had to break through a little skim ice in the harbor and on the lake, but it was well worth it.  It has been probably 15 years since I have been out Trout fishing on the lake, so this day brought back some great memories.  

We headed north up towards the power plant.  My brother and I used to fish this area as kids.  I decided to try a new spoon i just bought at Bass Pro.  A Daredevel color was pink/light blue and white.  My brother laughed, saying that lure won't catch one fish.  On about my 7th cast, as soon as the lure hit the water something hit it.  I was expecting a good fight, but was surprised when the fish really did not start to put up some resistance until he saw our net.  With the water temps hovering just above freezing, I think the fish are still very lethargic.  The first one was the biggest one of the day.  Not sure of the weight, but a nice Brown trout to start things off.  We threw spoons for the next 2 hours and got another 9 to add to our first. The smaller ones put up a great fight and a few even broke the surface for a nice Ariel show.   They hit just about every spoon, We threw gold with green, Green with orange, gold and pink, and white and red mostly dare devels.  Needless to say that "gay" lure as my brother called it caught 5 fish on the day 1/2 of the total take.

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DuPage Angler Basket Guy With Nice Trout From Lake Michigan

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