Well, just another day to start off the year on Lake Michigan. The chilling wind, waves from the north wind, and having crankbaits being trolled in shallow. I always am one of the few who brave it out during the frigid temps, but today has been great! Landed into 4 fish on a short trip. 1 Brown, 1 Lake Trout, and 2 Coho took home my days catch. Its always a great time out on the water catching fish or not. Glad to be fishing!!! I normally fish around 15 ft of water during the cold months then deeper as the year  progresses. I just troll crankbaits roughly 1-2mph back and forth in the currents of the lake. The crankbaits wobble like crazy and the fish just cant resist!!! You see your rod almost parallel to the water and the fish hurdling out of the water behind your boat. Talk about an amazing sight!