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DuPage County / Mallard Lake
Hey fellow anglers! Had a little time to kill this afternoon so we took a drive out to Mallard Lake. The weather was gorgeous but the Bass bite is still very slow.
With only one hit to talk about we fished a couple more spots but were running out of time. At our final stop I decided to change up to a pike presentation. Stanmo and I were chatting when we saw this beast chasing my Phantom minnow. Right as we both let out a “whoa” this Musky slammed my bait and the fight was on!!!
The drag strained a few times as he tried to break free but I did manage to get him on shore. Thanks Stanmo for helping to get the hooks out!! The Musky got a treble hook in both the lower and upper lip preventing us from getting the mouth open so my partner in crime had to clip the barbs off to free him.

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