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DuPage County - Mallard Lake Forest Preserve
On Tuesday, May 31 2011. I had some free time and decided to go to Mallard Lake, I was sitting in my car waiting for the storms to roll through not knowing it was going to be hailing. I was fishing to the right of the first bridge. Thinking it was going to be a good pike time I put on a 3 1/2 inch Rapala suspending jerk bait in white/chartreuse. It took like ten minute and I saw the flash and the line was running.
DuPage Angler Kencancook Catches First DuPage Pike

My drag was set low so the fight was fun got my photo and back in the water the pike went. Glad to see mallard pay off I fished there a lot last year after the reopen and had some pike follows but could not get them to hit.
Got one more nice bass on a 5 inch Senko. Post storms is a great time to fish it seems to turn the bite on, and the people clear out for you to fish.

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We have discovered more Catch Of The Day files that will be archived on the new server. We thought everyone would enjoy them. Also check out the new Pike / Musky COTD section. We found the awesome DuPage Angler Pike catch image!