DuPage Angler Redhook62 Lands Nice DuPage River Largemouth


 I waded the West Dupe again this morning, not far from my Wheaton home. Today I had to break the skunk on a spot that I felt should be very productive, but which has skunked me about 10 times in the last year, while fishing from the shore.

It didn't skunk me today. It started pretty slow, but about 15 minutes in, I hooked a 12" largemouth, but failed to set the hook properly. I was fishing my trusty #2 Mepps Aglia, dressed, and it hit near the end of the retrieve. That's always awkward for me, I tend to loose a lot of fish this way.

Undeterred, I fished on, moving down stream and to the opposite side of the river. I decided to start casting upstream along the bank towards a nice eddy, when a nice 13" smallie hit, and fought like crazy, even bumping my legs a couple times before I landed it.

I managed to catch a small rock bass and then the action went cold. I didn't like the footing in this part of the river so I decided to get out and head for the Fox, where I did well yesterday. As I neared the bank, I decided to cast one more time into the tail waters of the riffle that was nearby. Shortly into the retrieve I hooked this 19" Largemouth. I was shocked, because I didn't think the LMB's got that big in this river. It gave me a nice fight.





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CSimon2 replied the topic: #5375 27 Aug 2012 11:23
Great job redhook! Congrats!
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nicksantos33 replied the topic: #5371 27 Aug 2012 09:13
Nice job redhook!
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Darkstar72 replied the topic: #5366 27 Aug 2012 07:47
Super large mouth. Doubly super from the DuPer!

Nice catching Redhook!!
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pondboy replied the topic: #5360 26 Aug 2012 19:23
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Marty Rogers replied the topic: #5355 26 Aug 2012 14:55
Way to go Redhook62! I would really enjoy seeing that place.