Hit the Duper this morning in search of the tagged smallies. I worked the area between Rt 56 and the Warrenville Grove Forest Preserve. Had a pretty successful morning landing around 15 smallies with two of them being tagged. All fish were caught on an x-rap or Yum craw-papi. Found them scattered, but all were adjacent to swift water, either in the seam, or behind current breaks. This was my first time out this way since the construction started. Made for a great wade. 

DuPage Angler Catches Slab Smallies on the DuPage River

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DrxJ replied the topic: #5195 13 Aug 2012 10:18
NIce work.
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woz70 replied the topic: #4680 11 Jul 2012 23:58
Thanks, never saw that. Oh well, guess I'll stick a lttle North or South of the area.
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cmiller replied the topic: #4675 11 Jul 2012 22:57
According the the FPD website , the west side of Warrenville Grove will be closed until Spring 2013.
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woz70 replied the topic: #4669 11 Jul 2012 21:56
Thanks guys. I was out in that area today, unfortunately not fishing, and decided to see if the Warrenville Grove FP was open yet. NO, still not open. Talked to a local resident and he said the DNR was out there again yesterday stocking more fish into the river. He wasn't sure what they were putting in though. I drove around to the other side of river and walked the prairie path to get a sneek peak at the flow. A few of the fences were down, so went for an even closer look. From the bridge, with polarized glasses, saw at least 8 very large, possibly tagged, smallies chasing baitfish. Area looks decent with nice ripple and flow in place of the old dam. The signs in place, all state that the park will reopen Summer of 2012. It appears all the work is complete. The parking lot and paved trail was resealed about 3 weeks ago. I sent an email to the DuPage District of the DNR asking if they knew when this will actually open. I'll keep you posted when I hear anything. Soon I hope.
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Congradulations on the COTD!

Great catching and darn beautiful smallie!!!
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Woz congrats on COTD!
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VERY NICE!Im a dupage river junkie so i love dup pics!Good job bro!
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This was caught in June and was missed by the Catch Of The Day team.