Monday, my wife and kids had spent the day at my in-laws house. I called my wife to tell her I was on my way home and she was still over at my in-law’s house. My first thought was to head over to Walmart to pick up some stuff for fishing. Then I thought that was stupid, go out fishing instead. I knew my family would not be home for at least a half hour, so I decided to hit one of my subdivision ponds. I went to the one pond that had no surface algae. I grabbed one rod that was rigged with a Booyah Pond Magic spinnerbait in white color. First cast with it and I felt something hit it. It was close to shore when it hit, so the battle did not last that long. I pulled in this guy:

DuPage Angler Csimon With A Beautiful Booyah Bass

It taped at 19”. I should have stopped then and there because I didn’t catch anything else. I am always the optimist and always hoping for more. I fished for about 10 more minutes and called it quits. I was still dressed in my work clothes and sweat was pouring off of me. I got home did some stuff around the house. My wife and kids finally got home. My wife was picking things apart and wondering why I didn’t do this or that. Finally it hit her. “You went fishing didn’t you?” All I had to do was smile. It was worth it.

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redhook62 replied the topic: #5086 02 Aug 2012 12:53
If Phix would just change his profile pic to one of Chuck, then everything would be fine! :)
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Marty Rogers replied the topic: #5083 02 Aug 2012 07:29
Ya this is one of the COTD's that got "misaligned" in the DA Database when the new 2.5 was installed and configured. There was a mention of it in the About the Website section if I am not mistaken.

We had about three of them that ended up this way. Sorry...
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I am kind of confused by this post. It is supposed to be a COTD for phix, but yet my pic and story are up there. I live in Auburn Lakes in Plainfield. We have 3 ponds, but 2 are private. The non-private pond holds some really nice bass in there too.
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Great job! What neighborhood are you in?
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Marty Rogers replied the topic: #4585 06 Jul 2012 21:20
I really enjoy creating your COTDs!
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Great catching Phix!

Way to go getting your kids out there and interested in catching with you.

Making memories one bass at a time.