On March 11, 2012 the day started out a little strange.  I slept very poorly the night before and I was what you call...CRABBY!  I was mad at the world and that is when my wife told me to take my crabby self out and catch some fish.  She is a gem and she knows just what to tell me during those awful times.  So I took her advice, grabbed my rod, camera, keys and I was out the door.  I decided to go to Map:27 and give the Crabby Bass Lures a try. 

When I arrived to the pond in Aurora (some say it is in Plainfield so it must be right on the border) I casted the blueish green Crabby Bass Worm and let it sink.  I was SO crabby that I was cussing out the worm, the pond and all things around me when WHAM!  This beast hit that worm like a freight train!  I soon forgot all the possible reasons why I could have been crabby on that awesome day.  I lifted the beautiful creature from the waters edge and happily turned to face the camera and show the world how proud I was to use the Crabby Bass Worm.  "OMG!  WHERE IS THE CAMERA??!!" I yelled!  It is still in the Jeep!  NOW I WAS BEYOND CRABBY. 

I collected myself and went to another pond nearby and was able to get another Crabby Bass Lure picture.  What a great worm (I really like the blue green one). 

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wilks19 replied the topic: #1944 11 Mar 2012 19:16
Great post Marty. Glad to hear the Crabby Bass Lures brand was able to turn your day around. Thanks for the post and promotion.
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CSimon2 replied the topic: #1943 11 Mar 2012 18:52
LOL! That is an awesome story! I am glad you were able to catch something with the mint colored Whacker. I am glad your crabbiness went away after that. Thanks for the promotion!
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Marty Rogers replied the topic: #1939 11 Mar 2012 13:53
I am telling you I was beyond crabby. Funny how a little blue green worm and a nice green bass can make the crabbiness just melt away. Thanks Crabby Bass Lures!