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DuPage Anglers Find

Birthday Bass


DuPage Angler Toadfish With Nice Wacky Jack Bass


DuPage Angler Newsroom Bolingbrook, IL – by DuPage Angler Marty Rogers aka Wacky Bass




DuPage Anglers Wacky Bass & Toadfish decided to take the day off and celebrate Mr. Bass' birthday. It has been a tradition since the late 1970's that Mr. Bass aka Marty Rogers fishes for DuPage County bass on his birthday no matter what.

It was cold, rainy and a great time to fish according to the Angling Duo of DuPage. Those these two are not professionals, but they both feel that their vast knowledge of what NOT to do is very valuable. Sometimes they get lucky like any other angler and they come across something that is hot for urban fishing. Wacky Bass decided to try the new shallow running crank bait (that looks like the old bubble gum ice cream from Baskin & Robbins) And Toadfish went with the new DuPage Wacky Jack. Needless to say the lures were a hit with the largemouth bass.

North American Fisherman Magazine





DuPage Angler Wacky Bass With Feisty Aurora Birthday Bass


Lure: Case Plastics Wacky Jack & DuPage Bubble Gum Basser

Conditions: Cloudy / 42 Degrees / Breezy & Rainy

Time: 2:30 PM

Location: Bolingbrook & Aurora, IL


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