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DuPage Angler Buzzes Up

 Huge DuPage County Bass


 DuPage Angler Deeder With Nice Buzzbait Bass


DuPage Angler Newsroom Lombard, IL – by DuPage Angler Deeder



I started rooting around in my tackle box looking for some inspiration when I came across a chartreuse and white-skirted buzzbait I had used only once before with no success and I decided to give a little topwater fishing a whirl. So I loaded the van and waited for the hail storm to blow itself out at about 7:00 and drove over to a local pond near Butterfield and 83. My dad had told me that he had seen some surface weeds so I was excited to find some bass hiding inside, but found out that they had not yet appeared. Without a weed line to cast to, I stuck to hugging the shore and shallow areas working as much area as I could before the next storm hit which I could see approaching with lighting and thunder.

 North American Fisherman Magazine






My first few rounds at the spots that normally yielded fish were quite successful and I managed to land my first ever buzzbait bass and my first DuPage topwater bass. After a few more decent sized fish, I was casting along some metal shoring along the edge of the pond when my sputtering bait disappeared in an explosion of water not 10 feet from myself actually getting splashed from the strike itself. After a short battle, I managed to land this nice 4 lb-er and snap a picture before a quick release. After some more beautiful fish as the night grew darker, the strikes began to miss in the dwindling light and the mosquitoes were hungry so it was my que to leave. A total of about 15 or so bass made this trip a wild one and has turned me on to the power of the buzzbait. Also, almost all strikes were converted to hookups which made frustrations a minimum.


Lure: Buzzbait with White Skirt

Conditions: Cloudy / Hail Storm

Time: 7:30 PM PM

Location: Lombard, IL