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DuPage Angler Newsroom Bartlett, IL – by DuPage Angler Mallard Master


It was around 7pm Sun Jun 26. Took my son over to a local pond in Mallard Estates across the street from the entrance to Mallard FP on Schick. 4th cast of the evening from shore I was casting to a cluster of weeds with a gulp blue plastic worm on a Gamakatsu red 1/0 hook with no sinker.

She hit with a steady pull for a second thought I got jammed on a log or something but then she took of running pulling of drag as she went on her strong runs. She jumped after a minute and I really got a good look at her. On that jump my worm went a flying and I thought I had lost her too. But the steady pull on my line reassured me. The battle went on for a couple of minutes and she jumped again and finally relented and I was able to pull her into shore.


6 1.2 lbs 22-23 inches:   My friend was nearby and stated that he had lived here for 20 years and never had seen a fish caught this big from this pond. I know there are bigger as I have had something break my line 5 times before at this pond so my walter (arch nemesis) is still out there.

Lure: Gulp blue plastic worm on a Gamakatsu red 1/0 hook with no sinker

Conditions: unknown

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Bartlett, IL

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