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DuPage Angler Rattles Up

Windy Blackwell Bass

Warrenville, IL  

 This Saturday I went out to Blackwell Forest Preserve with my Uncle who brought his 17 foot bass boat up from southern Illinois to come fishing with me. We decided to try Blackwell because I could not think of many other places to put a boat in.


The wind was blowing extremely hard that day, somewhere up to 35 mph gusts. We worked up and down the wind blown shorelines casting rattletraps (all different colors) and had a great time! We caught about 15 total most over 2 lbs. The biggest was 5 1/2 and its the big one you see in the picture.


Awesome day of fishing and textbook spring patterns, the windblown sides can stack up all the baitfish and the bass feed heavily during prespawn. This is why spring is my favorite time to fish!


Conditions: Windy!

Member: DuPage Lunker

Location: Blackwell Forest Preserve



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Marty Rogers's Avatar
Marty Rogers replied the topic: #11485 08 Jun 2019 15:47
I remember that day like it was yesterday. Blackwell might be difficult to fish sometimes but there are some true pigs and hogs in Silver Lake!
capll's Avatar
capll replied the topic: #1870 08 Mar 2012 09:24
Not bad for a day of fishing
bmicklos's Avatar
bmicklos replied the topic: #1657 01 Mar 2012 08:52
Great catch!! This definitely will make me consider making some trips to Blackwell this season. I havent fished there in ages.
Charlie_Parker's Avatar
Charlie_Parker replied the topic: #1641 29 Feb 2012 16:24
I am wondering if we are planning on bringing the other cotds over from the former site? There were some great ones! Just curious.
Brutus's Avatar
Brutus replied the topic: #774 30 Jan 2012 07:10
Blackwell is not represented properly. Blackwell is a VERY healthy fishery with tons of food for the huge bass. The pike are getting large as well. Way to go dlunker!