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                                     photo courtesy of DuPage Angler Basskidcase

Developer & manufacturer of soft plastic lures. Home of the O-Wacky Tool.
"Charlie Case is surely one of the most inventive designers of soft plastic in the fishing industry today. He crafts innovative baits that will fill a niche that no other company offers. Case Plastics are finely crafted and with a great array of colors. Best of all, they really catch fish, from trout to crappie to bass."

by Steve Quinn
Senior Editor, In-Fisherman Magazine

majorloss67's Avatar
majorloss67 replied the topic: #773 30 Jan 2012 06:59
I loved the ones I got to test last year in both Big Stik and Wacky worms, these are quality plastics and last longer than more expensive worms that I have purchased
mfr3's Avatar
mfr3 replied the topic: #770 29 Jan 2012 23:56
The Dupage River Rock Bass tore up the grey & silver ones!
mwolf's Avatar
mwolf replied the topic: #760 29 Jan 2012 17:33
I wanna try out some of the hellgramites and other plastics they make this year. I think they should work great for DuPage smallies.
pondboy's Avatar
pondboy replied the topic: #759 29 Jan 2012 16:35
Large Helgies are the best.
DuPage Angler's Avatar
DuPage Angler replied the topic: #758 29 Jan 2012 15:35
Case is making Wacky Jacks for DA as we speak!