DuPage Angler Catches First Bass Ever!

I decided to go fishing with Wacky Bass last Sunday and try out and test the Bomber Baby Bass lure. The temperature was warm and not raining at the time. I casted my rod out on the south side of the pond making sure I wiggled the rod and kept it moving because I found doing it that way is the best and most effective way to use the Baby Bass Lure. 

Man I got so excited and happy when I noticed that they were biting! I thought, and I am sure very loudly, that these lures really work! I had a few bites but didn't catch anything staying where I was at so we decided 
to move to the west side of the pond. The wind was starting to pick up a little and moving westward, I believe. The water was moving towards the pipe
so I decided to cast out where the water was moving to and that is where I snatched my beauty! Boy I can truly say these lures do work and they are easy to handle and also easy to tie onto your rod. I even managed to get the Bass off of the hook myself. Now that is an accomplishment! I am a beginner but I am learning a ton on DuPageAngler.com!
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Marty Rogers replied the topic: #323 14 Jan 2012 22:11
What can I say. The entire neighborhood woke up that Sunday morning to a new DuPage Angler catch her first DuPage bass! I can still hear her screaming that it is getting away and that she can't get it in. What a day!