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New DuPage Angler Catches Park District Pig


DuPage Angler mchugh941 With Park District Pig


I have been a registered DuPage Angler for a couple weeks now and when I heard today that I would be fishing with Wacky Bass I was pretty excited. I fished quite a bit when I was younger but I never really caught a lot or any fish that had any fight or size to them. That is until this evening.



Wacky Bass is a pretty serious guy when it comes to pulling up to the place where we are going to fish. He made it very clear that nobody is to cast until the cameras are all set ready to go. He is a stickler for capturing those first cast fish videos. I must admit it was a little creepy but I went along with him. I was his guest after all.



I wanted to try a Bomber Baby Bass that I read about so much on the website and I was determined to find out if this thing works. Uh,,,IT WORKS MAN! Thanks DuPage Angler for a great time and I can't wait to go again. I heard Wacky Bass say something about topwater at Prison Pond? I am game to see what that is all about.



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If you are taking an angler fishing that is not used to fishing lures, you should consider shallow running crankbaits or 0 - 3' crankbait.


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DuPage Angler replied the topic: #322 14 Jan 2012 22:05
That was a great day. A brand new member never caught a bass as far as he knew. DuPage Angler mchugh941 really had a great time using the Bomber Baby Bass.