DuPage Angler Out Foxes Late Evening Pig

DuPage County - Foxcroft Lake Park

DuPage Angler Novak94 With Glen Ellyn Bass

It was already 8:45 but DuPage Angler Novak and I decided to go down the street and fish Lake Foxcroft for a little bit. I wasn’t hoping for much as I had never caught a single bass out of Foxcroft before, however Novak insisted that there are some decent fish in there. We took a few casts on the west side of the lake, but quickly worked our way over to the east side which looked much better. I had only brought one rod with a swim jig tied on. I worked the east end pretty well for about 30 minutes and missed 3 fish (which I wasn’t happy about) but still kept my line wet since the bass seemed active. It was about 9:30 when I got a hit and set the hook on what felt like a big fish. As soon as I hooked up I knew it was a good size fish and quickly played it out and got Novak to land it for me. It was pitch black by this time but we still managed to snap a few pictures before releasing her!

Status: Released