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 Find Walleye & Fun In South Elgin


South Elgin


DuPage Angler Pondboy With A S. Elgin Walleye

The rain slows down and we pull up to the dam. Funny thing about time, it changes things. Like landmarks you used to pin point your spots. But a huge building! Gone! Are you kidding me? The second window to the left was right where my walleye hole started.

The river is up not too bad to fish but up enough to give the walleyes plenty of room to hide from us. We fished Lindy rigs and live bait for about an hour with out a fish. The newer Lindy weights do snag less but lose one at 3 bucks each! Ouch. We tie on drift rigs. NOW GUYS this is not a huge round red and white bobber, a giant slit shot, and a glob of worms. Its premium balsa floats, good hooks, and some tricks from steelhead fisherman like the use of shot patterns. (more on this in future posts) As we start to move toward the bridge…wham a nice heavy fish about 50 yards away from the hole in about 2.5 feet of water, a nice walleye!

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Darkstar72 replied the topic: #189 08 Jan 2012 01:46
That area lit up in the span of 30 minutes. We stood in that cold water for over an hour before it warmed a little and got light then BAM! Pondboy hooks up with a Walleye!!

Within that 30 minute window he got a Smallmouth and a very nice Channel Cat to boot!

I got skunked and fell for the first time getting water in my waders. Still in spite of that I had a great time. I always enjoy wading with Pondboy!