DuPage Angler Catches

Beautiful Walleye at Mallard Lake

written by DuPage Angler Trunkmonkey

DuPage County - Mallard Lake Forest Preserve





DuPage Angler Trunkmonkey with a Mallard Lake Walleye


A friend of mine and myself, decided to try Mallard Lake again. Since we were there 2 day's ago, and it was very cold and windy. We didn't manage to get anything, other than loosing 2 crankbaits somewhere on the bottom. Today, something told me I'm gonna get lucky!! And BOY!, did I. We started on the canoe launch, but that didn't get us anything. So we walked over to the north pier. I start by throwing a Strike King® Red Eye Shad Crankbait - 1/2 oz. Last year I caught A LOT of bass on this lure alone. Because the water is still cold, I'm thinking I'll let it sink to the bottom, and very slowly retrieve it. And that's all it took. He NAIL'S it! The thing was, is that I didn't feel much of a fight, until he was about 20 or so feet from me. Then the fight was ON! He weighed 3.11 lbs. And just a hair short of 20inches!! This is my first Walleye of the year. Hopefully, not my last!



Conditions: Sunny/Warm/Heavy Dark Clouds

Time: 3:45 PM

Location: DuPage County / Mallard Lake Forest Preserve

Status: Harvested

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Brutus replied the topic: #331 14 Jan 2012 22:46
Dang dude! That walleye looks like it came right out of Lake Erie!