DuPage Angler Lands His First Baitcaster Bass

Park District Pond Map:27

DuPage Angler Little Toad With First Baitcaster Bass

DuPage Angler Wacky Bass and Toadfish decided that working all day in this weather was not an option so they headed to the water with Little Toadfish and Princess Toadfish in tow. As we reached one of our little honey holes, the wind picked up so we weren’t quite sure what would work well for the junior members of our team. Toadfish and Princess Toadfish were working a frog over the weeds and managed to get a few nice strikes but no hook up. After the third one Princess Toadfish was nearly in tears. Toadfish should have known better than to give her the hardest lure to use, but he figured at age 7 she should have already figured it out. It only took him 47 years to do so.

As the frog moved through the weeds we hear a yelp from the distant shore. Little Toadfish had hooked into the great white whale on his bass stopper. Please enjoy the footage shot of his fight. And yes, that is a very big rod for a 5 year old.


 Little Toadfish & Princess Toadfish With a Nice Booyah Bass

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Where was this caught again? I can't see the map anymore. Thank you.