DuPage Angler Enters 5 LB Club With Senko Hawg!

DuPage Angler Pauln77 With a DuPage Hawg

It was about 5 P.M just got out of work, Dang was it hot outside.. My brother had just told me about a pond near his house that he had seen people pulling big bass out left and right. I decided I'd give it a try after eating dinner, but first a quick nap. 7.pm. rolls on by and I make my way out to the pond. I am a big fan of fishing the 7 in senkos wacky style with cable ties (easiest way to save money!).

After about 10 mins I land a 16 incher, liking it already. 20 mins later I decide to cast over this weed bed, as soon as the senko hit the water BOOM BAM, I set the hook and fish is on. OMG was it a fight, after about a min I had him near the shore and was about to pick him up, he made one last jolt out! Poor piggy soon tired out and I was able to snatch him. I took 3 pics, the fish was about 22-23 inches, I had to measure my pole when I went home. I am unsure if it was 5lbs or not, this was the biggest bass I ever caught. I'll let DuPage Angler decide it this makes the 5lb Club... Bass was released of course.

Status: Released