DuPage Angler Slams Mays Lake Pig

DuPage Angler WBaseball & His Mays Lake Pig 


DuPage County Forest Preserve - Mays Lake

 DuPage Angler WBaseball & His Mays Lake Pig
Well, I woke up this morning and the first thing I knew I wanted to do was to go fishing. Luckily for me, my mother had a meeting at a school around Mays Lake and dropped me off at the lake on her way. As soon as I got there I realized how hot it was and started to think this was a bad idea, but as I got close to the water I changed my mind as I saw how clear this lake was.

After fishing in the same general area for around a hour with no luck and a rapidly approaching deer, I moved right to the next exposed area of water and set up a brand new 4in. plastic worm. After fishing there for awhile and landing only one small bass I moved right once again to the next open spot. While fishing this spot, a few blue gill ripped the tail off of my worm and i decided to put a larger plastic on the hook. After just three or four casts with a 7in. plastic, I spot this massive bass come out of no where hitting my worm and the fight was on. After a minute or two and a couple jumps, I was able to grab it out of the water and began to yell in accomplishment. Hahaha. After a few quick pictures I released this beast back into the clear waters. Thinkin this was a 5lb if not more but ill leave it up to you guys.
 Status: Released
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Brutus replied the topic: #329 14 Jan 2012 22:40
Nice bass man! It pays to hit and run for bass. If you have 40 minutes take your gear and stick a pig. It makes the day go by with great visions of landing an oinker.