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DuPage Angler Gets 5 Pound Pipe Bass

DuPage / Will County Retention Pond

DuPage Angler Pondboy With His 5 Pound Pipe Bass

This summer we have had a long heat wave so I needed to find a fishing pattern that would work great after the much needed rain. I believed that fishing just the drainage pipes and only the pipes on local ponds would yield in some good fish.

The first day I went out resulted in a whirlwind of ponds, bass, and pipes. It was one of the best overall bass fishing days of my life. After another huge rain, I wondered if my pattern would still hold water. I had one hour to fish so I went to a pipe where I had hooked and missed 3 fish at on the previous trip. Feeling jilted at this spot payback needed to be handed out. After the worm I usually throw was not working, I thought of what kind of creature could be pushed out of those pipes or could be there getting dinner? So I used a junebug colored crawfish Texas rigged with the standard bullet weight. The first five casts resulted in 4 nice fish and one broke my line on a hook set. I re-rigged and threw it in one more time. POW THE PIG HIT! This scared the heck out of me! There was a huge amount of splashing! (one problem with pipes is you do not have a lot of line out)I was fishing a steep hill and the fish was to heavy to lift so I actually had to get in the water to land it! It was a GREAT night of bass fishing!

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DuPage Angler replied the topic: #327 14 Jan 2012 22:33
Some of the best fishing is after a storm. I used to think back in the old days that I had to wait until the water settled, cleared up and stopped moving. NO! I couldn't be more wrong. Thanks Pond Boy for sharing this awesome fish with
Maybe you should be called Pipe Boy.

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