After being trapped inside all day, at 6:30 p.m. I decided to go fishing at the DuPage River in Bolingbrook. It was HOT outside but I was determined to catch some fish. At the river, I watched the smallmouth and largemouth swim around for over an hour without a single one looking at my lure. It became pretty clear to me that it wasn't going to be my day at the river, so I decided it might be better at Whalon Lake.


When I got to Whalon, I saw the bass were aggressively chasing schools of baitfish out towards the middle of the lake. This made me really hopeful that it would be a good day. I tried a couple of different spinnerbaits and crankbaits without luck. Feeling a little discouraged, I switched to a Texas rigged soft plastic craw. After a few casts, I landed a nice smallmouth. A few more casts and I caught the first largemouth of the day. My buddy and I continued to steadily catch largemouths for the next hour. The light was starting to fade when a fish hit my craw like a freight train. After a strong fight, I landed this big smallmouth. We took a couple of pictures before quickly releasing her back into the lake.

DuPage Angler Mwolf earned 20 D.A. Reward Points for this C.O.T.D.

Status: Released



DuPage Angler Mwolf With Nice Whalon Lake Smallie