DuPage Angler

Finds Crawdad Heaven On Park District Pond

Glen Ellyn, IL – Park District Pond



Park districts all over DuPage County have for the most part been doing a great job providing well managed ponds and lakes for residents to enjoy. Several of these open spaces that have old ponds or lakes that were stocked with fish many years ago.


Today, these bodies of water hold some rather nice fish that are fun for even the avid angler to catch (and hopefully release).


by Toadfish: The lonely red crawfish scurried slowly though the murky depths looking to please his owner by making a new friend with a large Micropterus Salmoide. As he gingerly wiggled with frenetic motion, he stirred the ire of a large predator who hastily enveloped him within his large mouth and sped off to deep water.

Lure: Rebel Craw

Conditions: Sunny / Mild

Time: 1:00 PM

Location: Park District Pond


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