fishing links small1 is taking on a bold project that has one goal in mind: To help new and experienced fishermen, woman and children, of all ages, learn as much as possible about the art of rod and  reel fishing.  We want to thank DuPage Angler Goofy Fisher for her hard work in securing the 100's of great links that enhance the learning objectives of our anglers.

  Big Hammer™ swimbaits are easily recognized by the original Big Hammer Square Tail™ design. This unique Square Tail™ combined with hydrodynamic body designs create an unparalleled vibrant swimming action - even at very slow retrieve speeds. Using the finest quality plastic available creates a bait that is not only beautifully crisp and clear but also has the perfect balance between durability and action. Freshwater or saltwater, anytime of year - tie one on and see for yourself how "Nothing kicks like the tail of a Big Hammer". Clickhere for more information about swimbait action.

Spinner baits seem to be as old as man.  Ok not really, but they have been around a long time and it is imperative that any bass, pike or musky angler get a handle on how throw big spinners.  These very productive baits will soon become a go-to bait when times are lean in the pig department.

Some spinners are much better than others and all spinners are NOT alike. has spinner testing agreements with manufactures that have something unique and productive to offer.

The bass fishing in DuPage and surrounding counties is borderline outstanding.  The 2019 season is proving to be one of the best angling years in recent memory.  

carp crank 001Every angler in DuPage County have their favorite species of fish. Many like bass, crappies, catfish, or walleye. Some even go for larger, less plentiful fish such as northern or muskie, but the true bear hunters of the area go for the carp. These mammoths of the deep can reach sizes upwards of 40 pounds. They are also known for their fight and their finicky nature, so landing these beasts takes a certain type of mindset and skill. This section is dedicated to all of our anglers that take aim at the big game.

  There are hundreds of good catfishing spots in DuPage and surrounding counties.  DuPage Angler Toadfish and Wacky Bass have fished locally for big cats for over 30 years.  The first big cat experience was Lake Ellyn in Glen Ellyn and that was a fight to remember.  Kid's screaming, parents running and no one had a camera.  Of course in 1973 who carried a camera in their pocket. is constantly looking for links on the web that help us learn and understand the crappie.