Friday, May 24, 2019
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DuPage Angler Catch Of The Day #Selfie Great selection of some of the DuPage Angler member Catch Of The Day submissions.
Top Water Bass DuPage 95 Degrees You can still catch decent topwater bass when it is very hot outside. Thanks Sooner for helping with the camera!
DuPage Angler Catches NIce Bass On Crabby Bass Grub Fishing was spotty this weekend but the bass really liked the Crabby Bass Grub. Thanks Crabby Bass!
DuPage Angler Podcast Early Spring Salmon, Trout and Bass 03/27/13 DuPage Angler Marty Rogers and Daniel Byrne discuss early spring fishing, the website, DuPage Angler Fishing Challenges and more.
Audio Podcast - Ice Fishing With DuPage Angler Part 2 discusses ice fishing with DuPage Angler Marty Rogers and Dan Byrne. Callers to the podcast chime in as well.
DuPage Angler Catches Weightless YUM Craw Bass in Aurora Summer is the best time to fish weightless plastics in shallow waters throughout DuPage and surrounding counties.
DuPage Angler Goofy Fisher Catches 97 Degree Bass Notice the huge fish that swims past her when she talks.
DuPage Angler Goofy Fisher & Her First Crabby Bass DuPage Angler Goofy Fisher fished a Texas Rigged Crabby Bass Worm for the first time. The bass went nuts and so did Goofy!
ZAP Lures Nail DuPage County Bass ZAP Lures makes custom spinnerbaits and they are strting to be the go to baits for many DuPage Anglers.
DuPage Bass On ZAP Lures DuPage Angler Toadfish nails another DuPage Bass on a ZAP Custom spinnerbait.
DuPage Angler Toadfish ZAPS Another Hawg! The fishing was rough on 08/21/11 in the suburbs of Chicago but not until Toadfish offers ZAP Custom Spinner.
DuPage Angler Tests ZAP Spinner Baits ZAP provides their one of a kind custom baits for DuPage Angler members and Field Testers. DuPage Angler tests lures to see if they in fact can catch fish in suburban settings.
DuPage Angler Goofy Fisher Catches Hot Weather Bass The weatherman called for the high 90's and she thought it would be a perfect time to learn how to fish for hot weather bass.
On The Way Home Bass DuPage Angler DuPage Angler Wacky Bass stopped at a local pond after viewing's first Cable TV Appearance.
DuPage Angler Catches Carp On A Bass Lure It is a lot of fun when a carp decides to take a crank. Doesn't happen too often.
DuPage Angler Informative Video DuPage Angler Wacky Bass uses Booyah Spinner to catch local pond bass.
DuPage Angler Cremes Bass with Little Fishie by Creme DuPage Angler Wacky Bass has a great time catching bass with the Litl Fishie by the Creme Lure Company.
After Rain Sunfish After a heavy rain is one of the best times to fish for sunfish.
Post Storm DuPage Bass Stopper Bass DuPage Angler catches a post storm bass near rainwater tube.
DuPage Angler Toadfish Zaps First Cast Bass is testing several lure makers baits to see if they work in the urban setting. Zap lures rock so far in the testing.
WB Nails Bass While Using Zap Buzzbaits DuPage Angler Wacky Bass used a Zap Buzzbait to catch suburban bass in DuPage County, IL.
Post Storm Bomber Baby Bass After a wicked storm seems to be one of my best times to fish in the Chicago Land area.
DuPage Angler Field Tested Big Hammer Lures DuPage Angler's Field Testers will be testing several different lure manufacturers product lines to see how they work when fishing for DuPage County bass, pike and other fish.
DuPage Angler Member Goofy FIsher with Her First Bass Ever Goofy FIsher is currently learning how to catch fish. She joined to learn just that and she fially scored.
First Cast Bass Bomber Baby Bass DuPage This Largemouth dink was caught on the first cast. The Bomber Lure line is really hot this season.
DuPage Angler Wacky Bass Uses the DuPage Darter Very short video of the DuPage Darter. I was fishing for panfish.
DuPage Angler Post Storm Bass This small bass was caught right after a wicked storm. Some of DuPage County's best fishing is in the flood water.
DuPage Angler Live Broadcast - Novak Catches Rattle Shad Bass in DuPage DuPage Angler does live fishing broadcasts from time to time and this particular day was WINDY! DuPage Angler Novak catches a bass on a BPS Rattle Shad. He actually called it a Rattle Trap but it was a Rattle Shad ...
Finicky Aurora Bass Hit Bomber Baby Bass Lures on Whenever I find finicky DuPage County bass I leave the soft plastics alone and go for an active crank like the Bomber Baby Bass.
DuPage Angler Live Broadcast - Fishing For Windy Day Bass DuPage Angler Wacky Bass has been catching windy day bass in DuPage County for 38 years. This video was from camera 2 during the D.A. Live broadcast and has a bad angle and poor audio. The method Wacky Bass uses ...
DuPage Angler Wacky Bass Discovers Live Target April 25 was a drizzly, cold day but it was perfect for bassin.
Wacky Bass Discovers Booyah (sound is kind of bad) Ok so they have been aroound a long time. I never liked spinners UNTIL NOW!
In The Field With DuPage Angler - First Cast Bass DuPage Angler Wacky Bass uses the DuPage Floater to catch a chilly morning bass in Aurora using the DuPage Floater. Wacky Bass was under the weather, but he decided to test a local pond on 10/2/10.
In The Field With DuPage Angler In The Field With features fishing in DuPage and surrounding areas. Field Managers
In The Field With - Field manager Robar144 DuPage Angler Field Manager Robar144 and DuPage Angler Marty Rogers fish a small pond in DuPage County. No big fish were caught, but there is great information. In The Field With Wacky Bass - Guest Swilley78 is putting together a weekly Hi-Def broadcast of fishing in local lakes, ponds and rivers of DuPage and surrounding counties. In The Field is hosted by DuPage Angler Wacky Bass and will have guest anglers that are registered members ...
Caught Another Small Bass While Testing New Equipment For
DuPage Angler Wacky Bass Catches Bass There are a lot of great fishing holes in DuPage and Will County.
First Cast Bass - Episode Three DuPage Angler Novak Catches First Cast Bass. Fish with DuPage Angler Wacky Bass and other Field Managers for free. Learn how and where at
Shallow Water Bassin on Fishing in suburban settings can be very tough. After a rain just take off your shoes, tie on a Bass Stopper, and fish the shallow flood areas.
Bass In Six Inches Of Water - After Rain Bass On Some the most enjoyable suburban fishing is after a rain and it is flooded.
DuPage Angler Novak Nails Wheaton Pig The bite was on in DuPage County and DuPage Angler Field Managers were there to greet them.
DuPage Angler Trunkmonkey Catches Decent Bass On A DuPage Floater is a premium fishing website that offers great fishing advice for suburban anglers / fishermen. Earn free DuPage Angler tackle by participating in the forums and other features.
DuPage Angler Flycaster Catches Nice Bass Near O'Hare There are some nice bass in Lake Opeka in Des Plains. DuPage Angler Flycaster used a large RatL Trap.