Catch Of The Day Bass

Catch Of The Day Bass on DuPage AnglerThe bass fishing in DuPage and surrounding areas is better than it has been in years.  The fish are attacking all types of baits and presentations. The Catch & Release mentality of a huge percentage of DuPage Angler's membership base will ensure great fishng for seasons to come..

Title Author Hits
COTD - Neighborhood Pond Hog Landed! Written by DuPage Angler Bear Hits: 1957
COTD Senko Hog by Pauln77 Written by DuPage Angler Pauln77 Hits: 1977
COTD - Mother May I Catch a Pig! Written by DuPage Angler WBaseball Hits: 1895
COTD - First Baitcaster Bass Written by DuPage Angler Toadfish Hits: 2145
COTD - Massive Wheaton Bass Caught By DuPage Angler Chopstix Written by Administrator Hits: 1991
COTD - Catch Of The Day Five Pounder Written by Administrator Hits: 1983