Friday, December 14, 2018
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Catch Of The Day Bass

Catch Of The Day Bass on DuPage AnglerThe bass fishing in DuPage and surrounding areas is better than it has been in years.  The fish are attacking all types of baits and presentations. The Catch & Release mentality of a huge percentage of DuPage Angler's membership base will ensure great fishng for seasons to come..

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Pre-Spawn Catch Written by DA Member Deer Run Angler 632
DuPage Angler Finds Small Pond Surprise Written by DA Member Wacky Bass 781
DuPage Angler Scores Some Great Prespawn Bassin Action Written by DA Member nicksantos33 802
DuPage Angler Hauls In Easter Anniversary Bass Written by DA Member redhook62 674
DuPage Angler Nails Big Bass on Red Eyed Shad Written by JTC24 773
DuPage Angler Lands 3.5 Pounder at Whalon Written by DA Member jaxond 808
DuPage Angler Finds Nice Bass At Hidden Lake - About Time Written by DA Member FoxRiverRaider 792
DuPage Angler Gets His Mojo Back! Written by DA Member Marty_Rogers 776
DuPage Angler Lands Easter Chunky Bass Written by Chunsum 800
DuPage Angler Wins Clinton Lake Big Bass Written by DuPage Angler Crankin King 826