Catch Of The Day Catfish

toad cat 3The founders of DuPage Angler have been catching catfish in local waters since the 70's.  I can still see Toadfish roller skating to his next fishng hole wearing his silk shirt and bellbottoms.

Title Author Hits
Fox River Flathead Caught By DuPage Angler Written by DA Member dudz Hits: 1938
DuPage Angler Lands Beast Of A Catfish In Local Pond Written by DuPage Angler Pond Boy Hits: 44486
DuPage Angler Drifts His Way to Big Cats! Written by DuPage Angler Sooner Bass Hits: 3535
COTD - DuPage Angler Lands Nice Fox River Cat Written by DuPage Angler Darkstar72 Hits: 3763
COTD - Big St. Charles Cat Written by DuPage Angler Patrick Brewer Hits: 3480