Tips For Catching Big Blue Catfish

Blue catfish are a species highly sought after by anglers from Texas to Tennessee and all across the United States. Just about anywhere there is what there is an opportunity to catch blue catfish.

Blue catfish are similar in some ways to flathead and channel catfish but also very different. They get their name from their distinct blue coloring. The top and side of the fish has a blue tint and the belly is usually white. Often times anglers have a hard time telling the difference between blue catfish and channel catfish but there is one sure fire way to easily tell the difference. The anal fin of a blue catfish is a straight line and a channel catfish has a distinct curve to it. If you get confused, just check the fin.

Blue catfish grow to huge sizes and fish in the fifty pound range are pretty common in some states, especially in areas like Texas and Oklahoma. Many experienced catfish anglers that have been catching big catfish for years will tell you they don't even get excited until the break seventy five pounds or more for a single fish.

Here are some tips to get you started catching some of these highly sought after fish.

Tips on Catching Blue Cats


Bait is of the utmost importance. Blues are considered opportunistic predators. This means they will feed on dead baits and other stinky stuff like channel cats but they also feed on live baits. If you want to catch the biggest blues in the area you are fishing you need to use fresh cut bait or fresh dead baitfish.


Use a good sharp hook and make sure it is the right size. If your after monster blues a good big hook like a 8/0 to 10/0 circle hook is an excellent choice for big cats.


Blue catfish are fighters and you need to be ready. Make sure you have good tackle, a good rod and reel and good line. Twenty lb test monofilament is an excellent choice for catching most any catfish that are out there. Make sure you have good knots tied also.


Most experienced anglers will tell you it is hard to "get the blues" in the warmer weather so most hardcore catters choose to fish for them from early Fall until late Spring. Once the heat of the Summer sets in they can be tough to catch on many lakes.

Make sure you have the right tackle, right rigs, and are fishing in the right place and with a little effort and education you can be landing those monster cats in no time.

Learn more about blue catfish and get more great information on catfishing through the Learn To Catch Catfish website.

Chad Ferguson is a professional catfish guide who operates guided catfishing trips on Lake Lewisville, Lake Worth and Eagle Mountain Lake in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In addition to being a successful catfish guide Chad also manufactures a popular catfish bait called Redneck's Catfish Bait Soap, catfish juglines called Redneck's Juglines for Jug Fishing as well as other fishing products.

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SoonerBass replied the topic: #8952 04 Jun 2013 11:22

Pwoody wrote: So, do you think those pre-packaged vacuum sealed shad they sell would work?

No, those sealed shad in the strange liquid are pretty much worthless, trust me. When it comes to shad the fresher the better. Last time I was at Bass Pro I heard one of the employees recommending those packaged shad to a customer, I wanted to go over and tell them to save their money and just get some nightcrawlers.
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Pwoody replied the topic: #8947 04 Jun 2013 10:52
So, do you think those pre-packaged vacuum sealed shad they sell would work?
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Marty Rogers replied the topic: #8938 04 Jun 2013 09:35
This is right on as to how we caught blues last Sunday! The fresh shad that Pond Boy caught the night before saved our butts as far as the big blue cats were concerned.

The shad window will be closing but I do think that if we can freeze a few hundred they will still be incredible baits. The shad tend to have a stink like a monkey. It just won't go away.

I am very excited about hooking into a DuPage (or close to it) giant cat like jmdog did. I need to find some shad and quick.