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Dupage Angler Sooner Bass Slams Fox River Musky

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I met up with pondboy early this morning to try for some white bass on the Fox River.  DuPageAngler FlawlessFishing 
recently had a good day catching white bass below one of the dams and we wanted to see if we could duplicate his success. 
We had caught a handful of small white bass, yellow bass, and smallmouth when the bite completely died off. I decided to 
give a yellow 3" swim shad rigged on an 1/8 oz jighead that I had a caught a smallmouth on my first cast of the day one more try. After 30 minutes to an hour with not even a bite in the hole where we had previously had slow but steady action, I was getting ready to suggest to pondboy that we move to a new spot.  Then I finally felt a thump and my line went slack. I reeled up and felt some weight on my line.  I set the hook but didn't feel the telltale quick head shake of the white bass and smallmouth I had caught earlier in the morning. This was something much bigger.  I figured it was probably a big carp but when the fish rose to the surface and gave a good thrash I couldn't believe what I saw.  A long striped fish......a musky!
I yelled out "Dan!" who was fishing downriver and
motioned for him to quickly come up. I had never caught a musky let alone hooked one.  I immediately thought this fish was going to 
be tough to land.  Light action spinning tackle is not a good setup to land a musky, obviously. Plus, we didn't bring a 
net. Luckily, I was using the reel that had the strongest line of the combos I had brought with me, 10lb power pro braid.  
Also, I could see I had the fish hooked in the side of the mouth where my line was away from of the muskies teeth. I 
was able to keep the fish from getting out into the heavy current and fortunately the musky never really made a long run. 
However, it seemed every time I got the musky close to shore where Dan could almost have a chance to grab it the fish would 
peel drag and make a run back out a little ways into the river.  After a few runs and a couple close calls with a flooded 
bush near shore I was finally able to maneuver the fish up a flooded walkway where Dan could grab it. Dan handed me the 
beautiful musky and after he took a few quick pictures and got a measurement of 33.25" I got the fish back in the river and with one 
 thrash of the tail the musky disappeared into the muddy water.  
One of my goals for this year was to catch a musky, but I didn't imagine I would have a chance today in the Fox.  That is one of the neat things about rivers though, you never know what your next cast may produce!
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Posted: 10 May 2013 07:55 by Marty Rogers #8585
Marty Rogers's Avatar
All better now thanks.
Posted: 10 May 2013 06:23 by CrankinKing #8578
CrankinKing's Avatar
404 error on your link Marty
Posted: 10 May 2013 06:17 by Marty Rogers #8576
Marty Rogers's Avatar
I was asked after the podcast where in the &@*! did I pull the musky stocking numbers from so here you go:

Illinois Musky Report
Posted: 09 May 2013 11:13 by #8553's Avatar
Congrats on the beautiful Musky!!! :)
Posted: 09 May 2013 06:51 by wilks19 #8543
wilks19's Avatar
Great job Sooner!!!!!!!! That is awesome! I can't wait to get out with y'all again. Congrats on the COTD as well sir.
Posted: 08 May 2013 21:27 by Barn Owl #8535
Barn Owl's Avatar
Great Catch!
Posted: 08 May 2013 11:00 by tj12334 #8516
tj12334's Avatar
great fish it is good to know they are out there
Posted: 08 May 2013 08:03 by Brutus #8503
Brutus's Avatar
I think it is a great sign that these fish are here and have some size to them.
Posted: 08 May 2013 07:57 by redhook62 #8502
redhook62's Avatar
Sooner, I caught a 18" Northern from your Muskie spot this morning. It slipped away before I could get a picture (Yes I touched it, it counts Pondboy!), but supporting your point, another toothy predator was in that area. Pretty cool!
Posted: 08 May 2013 04:29 by Pwoody #8499
Pwoody's Avatar
Congrats Sooner. That thing is massive! Man, I've reeeeeally got to learn the rivers.
Posted: 08 May 2013 00:47 by SoonerBass #8498
SoonerBass's Avatar
Thanks for all the congrats guys, and a big thanks to pondboy for his assistance in landing the fish and recording it on his pivothead! I'm not sure I would of got that fish in on my own. Now I want to catch one of those Fox River giant (40"+) muskies! We spoke with several fisherman that had recent musky stories as we checked out a few dams along the Fox, I'm wondering if it has something to do with the recent floods getting the muskies active and moving to some new areas they are not usually found at?

Also, PB's WHAT??!? at the start of the video was right after I said "Musky" as he was walking up. I think we were both in shock at first that there really was a musky where we were fishing.
Posted: 07 May 2013 22:03 by CrankinKing #8495
CrankinKing's Avatar
Awesome catch Sooner. Congrats on the bucket list catch.
Posted: 07 May 2013 20:33 by BrimReaper911 #8493
BrimReaper911's Avatar
Posted: 07 May 2013 20:25 by Orbits3 #8492
Orbits3's Avatar
Congrats thats a nice catch and on light tackle. Also having Pondboy around to videotape is a just an added bonus. You can never go wrong with a good camera man.
Posted: 07 May 2013 18:35 by Uncle Bucktail #8491
Uncle Bucktail's Avatar
OMG! I saw this on my work pc and people thought I had a heart attack! NICE!
Posted: 07 May 2013 13:29 by Searching4a7lber #8486
Searching4a7lber's Avatar
Congrats on the first Musky. Once your bit it can become a lifetime obsession.
Posted: 07 May 2013 11:54 by redhook62 #8485
redhook62's Avatar
Just awesome! Great that you even had PB on hand for the video.
Posted: 07 May 2013 11:48 by Darkstar72 #8484
Darkstar72's Avatar
Congrats on your COTD and making your Musky goal come to fruition!

The second cat is out of the bag so now all I knew about this weekend's catches are out of my head.

Looking forward to the improving river and warmer ponds/lakes making fishing more productive!
Posted: 07 May 2013 11:22 by nicksantos33 #8483
nicksantos33's Avatar
Congrats Sooner! That is a gorgeous fish.
Posted: 07 May 2013 10:17 by Marty Rogers #8482
Marty Rogers's Avatar
This outstanding guys! I want to hit the Fox with everything in my arsenal.
Posted: 07 May 2013 10:16 by FlawlessFishing #8481
FlawlessFishing's Avatar
Congrats Sooner!! Glad that spot panned out for you guys! Nice job bringing him in on light tackle. That is no easy task! That Musky is making me rethink a fish I lost there last week... I was fishing a small swim jig very similar to your relax minnow in the pool behind the island when I suddenly had something very large on pick up my back and move into the heavy current. I fought him for a few moments and then lost him. I assumed it was a carp until I read your post... Congrats again!!
Posted: 07 May 2013 09:29 by JC1Crappies #8479
JC1Crappie's Avatar
Those lemon color relax shads are just on fire for you this year!

Posted: 07 May 2013 09:08 by pondboy #8477
pondboy's Avatar
:woohoo: Dude still jealous. That was awesome!!!