The post spawn sunfish and bluegill season is here in DuPage and surrounding counties.  These crafty little fish are now going through a period of exhaustion and many of the adults will die or be eaten by larger prey during this two to three week period.  Many of the sunfish that I have caught over the past 4 days are drab looking and have multiple battle scars usually caused by guarding the nest 24 hours per day.  As soon as the fry are free swimming the adults will then retreat from the beds to try and regroup and carry on a more "normal" schedule.

Sunfish after the post spawn can be kind of tough.  My favorite go to technique at ANY time of the year is to use a Berkley white grub with no weight on a snelled hook.  a barrel swivel must be used in order to combat any line twist issues.  This is a great way to start kids fishing with lures instead of bait.  Simply attach a tiny bobber above the swivel, have the kids cast out, reel in slowly and as soon as their bobber disappears then set the hook and reel in!  They need to keep the grub moving and have them count to 7 before they start reeling in slowly.  This will give ample time for the grub to naturally sink below the surface. 

Good luck and if any  one wants to use this technique and catch a mess of big sunfish, then let me know.  Kids are more than welcome as long as a parent tags along.  We have to have someone carry the gear!