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COTD DuPage Angler Scores Hole In One With Monster Bass

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DuPage Angler Scores Hole In


One With Monster Bass



DuPage Angler News Room - by DuPage Angler Woz70


I was able to hit up one of my favorite honey holes this afternoon. I have permission to fish a golf course occasionally, and the fishing is awesome. Fished for about an hour and a half and landed around a dozen largemouth. All fish were caught on Skinny Dippers, and X-Rap Shads.



Lures: Skinny Dippers and X-Rap Shads

Conditions: Windy / Cold

Time: Afternoon

Location: Local Pond (permission required)



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Suc Seafood

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Posted: 05 Mar 2012 15:58 by CSimon2 #1757
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Great job Woz!
Posted: 05 Mar 2012 07:40 by pondboy #1743
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Posted: 05 Mar 2012 06:56 by Darkstar72 #1742
Darkstar72's Avatar
Hawgs are beginning to bite! Early March piggies can be had!

Great job Woz70!!!
Posted: 05 Mar 2012 05:49 by Marty Rogers #1738
Marty Rogers's Avatar
Now that is what I am talking about! The Catch Of The Day section is going to be HUGE in 2012! Way to go Woz70!