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Float - N - Fly Fox River Carp


DuPage Angler Newsroom - Fox River


It was awesome to catch something this big. It’s only my 2nd fish in January (the other, a 6 inch chub) on too many DuPage river trips to count. And it was my first carp ever.

I started fishing in Aug 2011, after a long time away from the sport. It’s like a little slice of vacation every time I’m out there. Cannot wait for good fishing weather.




Conditions: unknown

Time: unknown

Location: Fox River


DuPage Angler EAS Caught Some Carp While Smallie Fishing On The Fox

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Brutus's Avatar
Brutus replied the topic: #735 29 Jan 2012 08:57
I think we better look into these Float n Flys a little more closely Fluke. They seem like they really work. Nice catch EAS!