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16 Pounder While Bass Fishing


DuPage Angler Newsroom - Naperville  (we got lost and just stopped somewhere to fish)


DuPage Anglers Wacky Bass aka Marty Rogers and Trunkmonkey decided to act on a hot fishing spot rumor that was started by Mrs. Wacky Bass aka Gail Rogers. Mrs. Wacky told Marty that there are fish hitting near the Springbrook Water Reclamation Center in Naperville, IL.


The afternoon of September 27th was sunny, mild and very comfortable. DuPage Angler Trunkmonkey was excited about the prospect of landing smallies on the river near Springbrook since the past several days were filled with feisty smallmouth action at one of Wacky's favorite hotspots. The adventure to the Naperville smallmouth bass hotspot started out well enough, but went from bad to worse. Marty Rogers' "internal" GPS system was once again on the fritz, and the two anglers spent the majority of their time, driving around aimlessly. That is when Wacky Bass got the bug bad.


Wacky Bass immediately pulled over to the next body of water they came to and started fishing. Five minutes later, the two bass fishermen had a 16.4 pound carp on the line and the rest is history.

Conditions: Sunny/Mild

Time: 11:30 AM

Location: Park District Lake / Unknown



DuPage Angler Wacky Bass with 16 Pound Carp


Marty Rogers's Avatar
Marty Rogers replied the topic: #731 29 Jan 2012 08:05
I will see if I can find the video. TM and I had a riot and for some VERY strange reason I decided to throw the net into the DA Jeep that morning and it sure came in handy.