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Headed out about 3:30pm. I wasn't planning on catching anything, since I never do at this time in the afternoon. I was fishing the east side of the lake. I was using a black/gold rat-l trap type of lure. I casted out and the next thing I know I get hit by a freight train. But, it didn't fight like a lmb. As time goes by, and the fish is getting closer, I get a slight glimpse of what he is. Its a catfish. I get him to shore, and I am shocked that I have just caught him on a rat-l trap. Granted, the lure has seen better days. The paint is almost all gone, its missing an eye, so the catfish probably thought it was an easy meal. 

Check out the pics!

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Marty Rogers replied the topic: #572 22 Jan 2012 19:54
This is the first entry for the Catfish section. You may see some doubling up of forum posts for a little while.