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Yesterday I set out meaning to target some bass at a local pond. The lures of the day were a popper, three crank bait( a shallow runner, medium, and a floating). I also had a spinner with a white jig head with black eyes and  four inch curly tail jig. 

As soon as the spinner jig hit the water on the first cast, I see it the fish smack it so hard that it makes the water splash. Two things come to mind first Fish On! And second first cast and first bass of the day but when I go to start reeling him in, I don't feel much weight on the line.

So I stopped reeling and let it set. But I feel my line and pole go dink dink, so I keep reeling him in and would you know it was a bluegill. The rest of the evening went the same way no matter which lure I threw. I ended they day with about twenty or so gills landed and even though there were no bass caught these guys were hitting so hard that it was a fun day. All gills were about the size on the one in the pic.

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Marty Rogers replied the topic: #536 21 Jan 2012 23:18
That is a sign the panfish are feisty and hungry. I will never forget the sunfish that I caught on a huge top water crawler at DA Map:11 (search Map:11 in the upper left corner of the site.)

Thanks for the post and article Will5!