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Crappie are some of the best tasting fish to eat and some of the most fun to catch as well. But if you have never been taught crappie fishing, how do you do it?

The following Crappie tips for beginners will help you get started on the right path to enjoying the thrill of catching Crappie.


  • Use light action rods. You do not have to spend a fortune on expensive rod and reel combos. You can even use a cane pole quite effectively. The best rod and reel combo is something lightweight such as a Zebco 404 or similar model. Do not buy a medium or heavy action rod for Crappie fishing. You will not be able to feel the bite as well with these type of rods.
  • Do not blow a lot of money on loads of tackle. All you really need to catch Crappie is some lightweight line (I suggest 4-8 pound mono filament line), some #2 hooks (I prefer the wire braid gold hooks by Eagle Claw), and some lightweight sinkers, and corks. If you would like, you can also purchase a pack of Crappie jigs. Usually you can find a pack of Crappie jigs with different weighted heads and different body colors at the local sporting goods store for under $10.
  • Determine your fishing spot. Crappie can be caught easily in feeder creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes. If you are going to fish at a big lake, The spring and fall will be your best chances to catch fish from the bank if you do not have a boat. Look for cover where the crappie are apt to hide. They love to get into brush and underneath logs.
  • Live minnows are usually the best Crappie bait to use. You can buy these at the local bait shop. Tie a #2 hook to the bottom of your line about 18 inches below a cork. You can experiment with different depths. You many need to adjust the cork down to 36 inches or more below the cork. If you have multiple poles that you are fishing with, try different depths with each pole until you find the sweet spot.
  • If you are using jigs, start with the 1/8 oz jig heads. Chartreuse is a very effective color to use when Crappie fishing, so that is the color I would start with. Drop your jig close to a log or stump and let down to the bottom. Bring back up and drop in another spot near cover. Do not forget to go back and drop your jig in the previous spot at least once more before giving up on it.
  • If you are fishing from a pier or boat, tie a light weight at the bottom, and tie a loop knot about 8-12 inches above the weight and put a #2 hook on the loop. Hook a minnow under the dorsal fin, and drop down your line about halfway down. Most Crappie will suspend, so that is why you only drop halfway down to start. If no bites, then drop to 3/4 down.


Crappie are not difficult to catch once you get the hang of it. But just like everything else, you get better the more you go. So why not get out there this weekend and start reeling in a few Crappie of your own?

These Crappie tips [] for the beginning fisherman will get you started catching Crappie. But if you would like to improve your odds and learn more Crappie fishing secrets, then click the link and visit.

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