There have always been spinnerbaits for bass, but spinnerbaits for musky is just now catching on. Spinnerbaits are an extremely versatile bait; they can be cast in various parts of the water column, and perhaps most interestingly, they can be trolled. You can really troll spinnerbaits through some gnarly areas that a crankbait would never dare go. The head of the spinnerbait will just crack off trees and keep the hook safely out of harms way. Trolling spinnerbaits is extremely effective, because you can get such a realistic profile will all types of hair and feathers that pulsate below the surface, and you can present this mass of fur right off the bottom.

You could never troll a light bucktail like this, it would lift all over the place. Another interesting technique that can be used with a spinnerbait is jigging. You can cast out and let the spinnerbait hit the bottom and pull it to the surface; it will surge upwards, looking like a sucker trying to escape pray. Often times, when a musky sees this they will bolt after the bait like rabid dogs.

The strike on the sink when doing this jigging will be very hard to detect, and even harder to hook set on , because the bait is falling and the fish will probably spit before you even know they have the spinnerbait. You can also raise your rod tip and work these baits over weed beds like you would a bucktail, but you can really grind through some weeds with a single hook and the weight of the head.

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