Weagles, bobbel head lures, 65 dollar carved ducks, plastic dog replicas. Sounds like a flea market right? Well yeah, it does, but it is actually some musky fisherman's tackle boxes. Why must you choose these lures when there is one lure, that is amazingly priced that will out fish any of these dying sucker replicas any day of week. What is that lure? Oh, it's a favorite of ninety year old grandfathers everywhere. It is the good old jitterbug.

Thats right, the jitterbug. They make jitterbugs in some pretty huge sizes for under ten bucks. In fact, you can get a huge 6" one and a half ounce jitterbug for 7 bucks. And the lure comes with three 2/0 hooks. 7 bucks! These lures comes in black and fire tiger. If you need some more weight on them you can drill a hole in the top and fill them with ball bearings or bbs. These lures are the perfect musky topwaters. They float at all times, and can be shuffled along at a high rate of speed or made to barely ripple the surface. And, they have an amazing shape.

The one drawback to this lure is that the hooks are not razor sharp. They should either be sharpened or replaced. The split rings are pretty solid, but if you are a tackle freak, I am sure you will want to redo those with the hooks. The jitterbug can be the topwater lure in your tackle box that you pull out when you just know there is a beast against shore.

Grab some musky jitterbugs [http://www.squidoo.com/muskyfishing] now.

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